Amikan Laurel Fan Heater || Heat Blow || Noiseless Room Heater || 1 Season Warranty || Model K-11 06

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Sometimes when the temperature drops, warm blankets and layers of woollen clothes fail to ward off the cold. That is when you need to introduce this heat convector from Amikan to your home. It will quickly heat up your room and provide you with much-needed warmth. This heater ensures an even distribution of heat to keep you and the entire room warm. This heat convector has an overheat protection system. This heat convector boasts of a compact design that utilizes minimum space and can be easily carried from one room to another. Two long-running heating elements, each of 1 kilowatt power are incorporated into the heater’s design. It consists of a thermostat, which allows the users to maintain the required temperature by tweaking the average power. This is achieved by turning off the heater beyond a threshold temperature and turning it back on when the temperature falls back to normal. An additional thermal cut-off switch prevents overheating if the thermostat fails. The stand is designed to provide both upward and downward flow of warm air.

Two heat settings – 1000W/2000W
Easy for mobility, Noiseless operation and auto thermal cut out
Blower for forced-air circulation
Noiseless operation and auto thermal cut out


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