Power Blanket Heating Pad and Electric Blanket Combo | Single Bed Electric Blanket | Heating Pad with Cover by Power Blanket

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Color Name:Brown

A soft underlay electric blanket to keep you comfortable through the cold nights. Two 60 W Element ( One for each side ), Water Proof & Over Heat Protection Device ( In built ). Three Stage Controller With LED Illumination individual for each side. Can work on Inverter. No need of Transformer. Product F.A.Qs 1. Is this safe for Old People and Kids? a. Yes. It is absolutely safe for people of all ages. The product has a built in thermostat and fail-safe mechanism, which protects the user in case of any power surge and over heat. 2. Does it have a Battery Backup? a. No, it does not have battery backup. The blanket must be connected to a power outlet to function but can run very efficiently on a power inverter as it consumes just 60 W of electricity. 3. What is the warranty for this product? a. The manufacturer provides a 1 year warranty for the product from the time of the Sale. The product must be shipped to the manufacturer on your own expense, in case of any repairs. 4. Is this blanket machine washable? a. No. The product should not be washed. The correct way to use the product is under the bed sheet, so it does not get dirty. 5. What is the Electricity Usage for the blanket? a. The product has minimal electrical usage, depending on the set temperature. The average electricity consumption is 30-60W.


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